Sustainable jewellery and objects.

Designed and handcrafted in Singapore using eco-friendly bioresin and eco-materials.


Our collections are conceptualised, designed and produced in our Singapore atelier.

We design and make our own masters, after which the intricate processes of moulding, casting, sanding and polishing are all done by hand in our production studio.

As every piece is made by hand from scratch, no two are alike - giving each piece its own unique character.


Information on the Bioresin that we use:

Imported from California, the bioresin that we use is of the highest clarity and quality, on top of being environment-friendly. This is the result of spending many years working and experimenting with various brands and types of resins. Our bioresin has UV-resistant properties that help to delay ambering of the resin and hence prolonging its lifespan.

As opposed to traditional resins that are composed primarily of petroleum-based materials, bioresins contain biobased renewable materials sourced as co-products or from waste streams of other industrial processes, such as wood pulp and bio-fuels production.

This reduces environmental impact through a significant reduction in CO2 and greenhouse gas emissions from processing, eliminating harmful byproducts and reducing power and water consumption.

Our bioresin jewellery is safe to use as they are completely cured at the point of sale. However, in very rare cases, some allergy sufferers may react to certain resins. If you are known to be allergic to epoxy resin in particular, we advise that you avoid contact with any of our bioresin products. We will not be liable for any reactions caused from contact with our bioresin jewellery.

Information on the 3D printed steel that we use:

The stainless steel parts used in our collections are 3D printed in the Netherlands before they are shipped to our studio, where we experiment and work them into other mixed media.

This material is 3D printed 420 Stainless Steel infused with bronze, and has a final composition of approximately 60% steel and 40% bronze. Special 3D printers deposit small drops of glue onto layers of stainless steel powder, one layer at a time, until the print is complete. The models then go through an infusion process that replaces the glue with bronze, creating a full metal product.

If you have a nickel allergy, we advise that you avoid contact with our "silver steel" material, which contains nickel. Other finishes ("gold steel", "black steel", etc.) do not contain nickel. Also take note the 3D printed steel is not completely corrosion-resistant and may tarnish with wear and tear.


Elaine Tan studied fashion marketing at Raffles Design Institute and completed her masters in fashion branding at Istituto Marangoni (London). She undertook a summer course in jewellery making at Central Saint Martins – University of the Arts London, where her interest in resin jewellery making was sparked.

Having worked full-time in branding for 3 years, while at the same time, running Amado Gudek and studying 3D design part-time, she finally decided to quit her job and put her passion to serious business. She now focuses on her jewellery label full-time, and continues to explore and experiment with new and old methods in design and production.

Elaine believes in using non-precious materials (of little or no value), so as to draw attention to ideas, design and form.