Matter Prints Jewellery




Matter prints fabric offcuts, eco-friendly wooden beads, vegetable-tanned leather, bioresin


December 2016

In the clothing industry, fabric offcuts from the cutting and manufacturing process are often not recycled or reused. I wanted to explore making jewellery with fabric offcuts, and searched for a socially-responsible clothing brand with similar values. One ethical brand that stood out to us was MATTER, which seeks to reduce fabric wastage through optimising its fabric production method.

In this collaboration, the pendants are made with offcuts of MATTER‘s signature block printed fabric embedded in bioresin. The natural movement of fabric is brought out through an organic suspension of the fabric in bioresin. 

The pendants are strung with wooden beads made from Carpathian beech trees from the protected eco-region of the Carpathian Mountains, on a vegetable-tanned leather cord.

Every piece is carefully made by hand and lends a unique sense of character to the conscious wearer. 

Samples from our experiments

At the Matter HQ: Selecting the ones that would make it to the final collection

The pendants after sanding, before being made into necklaces

A short clip of how the pendants are finished (video by MATTER) 

The collection is available exclusively online at MATTER.