Healing Jewels


3D printed steel, bioresin


Amado Gudek


December 2016

Healing Jewels is a clear cut parody of the perfect jewel, widely known as the clear quartz. 

This collection is a reflection of the rock’s supposed supreme healing properties and its said metaphysical connection with infinite octaves of light due to its prism shape.

The aesthetics of its prismatic light are deconstructed and played out in tangible forms of rainbow spectrum beads and iridescent broken glass, which are carefully embedded within bioresin shards.

The pieces are named after powerful elements revolving around the stone – such as, *Elixir ring, Magic wand bangle, Ecstasy earrings. 

One may even say that this collection is a continuation of the discourse on the diamond-obsessed world as explored in Diemonds Fauxever.

*Disclaimer: The jewellery names are merely for theatrics and not intended for medicinal or spiritual cure.